Who We Are

How We Work With Clients

Obviously as accountants we will look after the ‘basics’, your accounts and tax returns, but we have spent a great deal of time and effort (and money!) in developing other services and products which are appropriate to our market. These can include anything from benchmarking your results, to financial management seminars, to video training programmes on improving customer service.

We won’t ask you to pay for services you don’t need on a regular basis. Many accountancy practices maintain specialist departments, such as forensic accountancy and specialist tax planning which the vast majority of clients rarely, if ever, use. Unfortunately the cost of maintaining this additional overhead is reflected in a much higher charge to clients. We have developed a network of specialist external advisors to ensure you will only pay for a specific service when (and if) you need them.

The majority of accountants will charge an additional fee for the provision of 'fee protection insurance’, which effectively will cover your professional fees in the event of a tax enquiry. We provide this to our clients automatically and without charge.

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