Client Portal

Client Portal

We use IRIS Openspace for our client portal. Iris OpenSpace is a safe, simple and secure collaborative tool allowing us to share documents and data files with each other. The system, provided by Iris Accountancy Software, also allows electronic approval of documents, such as tax returns and accounts.

Effectively the client portal creates a two-way channel:

  • We can send you draft accounts, tax returns or financial statements
  • You can send documents and files such as bank statements, payroll slips and proof of identity or even backups from your bookkeeping software
  • You are automatically notified if there is a document awaiting your review and approval
  • Log in with your unique username and password to download and review the items - simply click to approve
  • We are notified once you have approved the document

Security is paramount.

  • IRIS OpenSpace is compliant with the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act
  • Only you and your accountant can access your documents
  • Documents are encrypted and stored on servers based in the EU
  • The system maintains a log of secure and tamper-proof approved PDFs