In our experience business owners are very good at what they do in their businesses but occasionally need help to develop a more in-depth financial understanding. We believe it is our role to ensure that you develop an understanding of the underlying factors which ‘make your business tick’. At a minimum we will spend time with you and your annual accounts to discuss the key indicators. To assist with this we can provide a graphical analysis which show key ratios and trends for up to 7 years, benchmark results against industry averages, and consider the potential which is already lying within your business. If required we’ll develop tools and templates to help you with the day-to-day running of your business.

We can, if requested, provide experienced bookkeepers to carry-out the bookkeeping function on your behalf, however we’d much rather provide you with the tools and training to maintain your own records. For smaller clients we can even provide a free bookkeeping package. We believe that’s its important that you have up-to-date management information.